If you have a prayer request, please call the Church Rectory @ 605.463.2336

​or Email @ stwenceslaus@hcinet.net

"St. Wenceslaus Pray for Us" 

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News & Events


​Fr. Steven Jones - Pastor   605.463.2336

​                                                       frstevenjones@sfcatholic.org

Breeanna Souhrada - Office Secretary          605.463.2336

​                                        stwenceslaus@hcinet.net

​Steve Bares - Administrative Assistant


​Email/Bulletin - stwenceslaus@hcinet.net

  ** Please have announcements in by Thursday, if       

       not, they will be in the following week's bulletin**

Religious Education


Lisa Hauck       605.589.3427​




Jill Hunhoff        605.661.2194  ​

Carrissa Pietz    605.364.7771

St. Wenceslaus Grounds

Ben & Jill Kotalik  605.463.2671


  • Latin Mass & Daily Mass: Latin Mass and Daily Mass will now be in the Chapel.

  • Call for Mass Intentions:  The Mass is the highest and most effective form of prayer. Offering a Mass for the dead is a great act of mercy which calls down the blood of Jesus to lead that soul to heaven. If their soul is already in heaven, God applies that Mass intention to another soul who needs it. A mass offered for the living is a tremendous source of grace. We have open days for Mass Intentions. Please call the Rectory to schedule a Mass for someone you love, either living or deceased.  You can also mail them to the Rectory or place them in the collection at Mass. They are $10 a mass. 















Tabor, South Dakota  57063

205 N. Lidice Street  Tel: 605.463.2336  Fax: 605.463.2518

Sv. Václave

Daily Mass held in Chapel (Tabor)

Tuesday @ 8:30 am

Wednesday @ 5:30 pm

Thursday @ 8:30 am (Latin Mass)

Friday @ 8:30 am

​Weekend Masses: Spring/Summer Schedule


Saturday: 5:00 pm @ St. Wenceslaus

Sunday: 10:30 am @ St. Wenceslaus


8:30 am @ Lesterville 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sunday

8:30 am @ Sigel 2nd & 4th Sunday


St. Wenceslaus: Saturday from 4:30 pm-4:45 pm (in church) & Wednesday @ 5:15 pm (in school chapel)

St. John the Baptist & St. Agnes: Following Mass

St. Wenceslaus Parish is part of the

   Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls